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Some rough statistics:

Hardware |Virtual Machine, 1GB RAM, 450GB HDD
OS |Ubuntu Linux
Web Server |Xitami
FTP Server |Xitami
Mail Server |QMail
Virtual Hosts |1
Mail Accounts |1
Web Server Hits (all virtual hosts) |~500/day
Mail Deliveries (all accounts) |~50/day
Spam Mail Rejected (all accounts) |~500/day
Hacking Attempts Logged |~100/day
Data Received (all services) |~10GB/day
Data Transmitted (all services) |~30GB/day
CPU Utilization |less than 30% on average

bigbox was added to the fleet in late 2008 - I'm not exactly sure what the physical hardware is that runs the virtual machines, but it's lightning fast, and it's parked in a server farm with fat fibres. Currently bigbox is sitting on a 10mbit/s connection. This server is appallingly underutilized at the moment considering its available resources. :-P Check out Zazeen if you're curious.

This third incarnation of bigbox went online 2011-09-29. It's running on essentially the same host as the first two incarnations, only faster, and with much more storage. It is the son of multiserve, who has served us well in several incarnations over the past decade, and continues to serve us well, as of late 2011 now in a virtual machine.

Previous incarnations of bigbox:
2008-12-04 to 2009-09-03 |Virtual Machine,0.75GB RAM,100GB HDD,CentOS Linux
2009-09-04 to 2011-09-28 |Virtual Machine,1.5GB RAM,200GB HDD,CentOS Linux

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